Having a moment in the middle of Siberia.

And by moment, I mean a hot flash.

Yes, I am 46 years old and already going through menopause. Why? Because I had a hysterectomy and an ovary was removed. So now the other ovary is working very hard to keep my core temperature balanced, and failing at it.

My doctor (not the guy who did the surgery because he turned out to be an ass and I stopped seeing him) prescribed black cohoosh. She doesn’t want to give me hormones. I get it. The research says women’s chances of breast cancer (or is it another cancer) go higher when they’re on an estrogen regimen. Also, my liver is not in such great shape and sometimes my upper abdomen hurts, so I think, yeah, she’s right.

But when I’m asleep and suddenly wake up to turn the fan on because I’m drowning in my own sweat, I want that pill. When my makeup melts off my face because I’m having a moment and I can’t wipe my face with anything, I want that pill.

All I can do is sit on that table and cry in front of my doctor and plead. Again. I know that won’t sway her, but this agony is unbearable.

Why Siberia? Because I’m at work and my desk is below a vent. The building manager is a man and he insists that 1) it’s not cold in here, 2) the temperature is fine, and 3) put on a sweater.

I will continue to complain about the temperature in here. And if necessary, I will take it to the union and maybe they can do something about the work conditions in this place.


I went on a tangent.


Hello world!

I think it should be “Hello, World!”. I’m sure that’s just me being anal retentive about insignificant things.

*long suffering sigh* Another blog to take care of.

I’m lost, though. Is this post done and all I have to do is click on the update button?

Apparently categories are not the same as tags. *wibbles away*